VAPT conducts Training Needs Analysis (fully free) conformable with the realities of each business before training. Training programs are modernly designed, constantly updated with new knowledge that is suitable with today dynamic working environment.
The activities of each course focus on resolving issues of each business (based on the survey result) to help participants develop their working skills, avoid mistakes and time wasting for businesses.
Qualified and experienced training team (Our trainers are senior Managers/Directors with at least 5-year-experience in training). VAPT will keep supporting and consulting learners of practical problems arising in their work after the course.
Modern training methods combined with many dynamic and innovatine activities. VAPT has consulted and provided training courses for many large organizations and enterprises.


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Selling SkillsTiêu chu?n d?ch v? SONY (23 & 24.01.2019)S?c m?nh c?a t? duy tích c?c – Gameloft ?N (30.11 & 01.12.2019)Train the trainer (17-01-2013)T? duy ??i m?i v??t gi?i h?n trong PVKH - Jetstar (05.10.2016)K? n?ng qu?n lư công vi?c hi?u qu? (PDCA) - Pou Yuen (09.06.2017)Nhà lănh ??o hành ??ng - PouYuen 12 & 13.08.2016K? n?ng phân tích, gi?i quy?t v?n ?? và ra quy?t ??nh hi?u qu? - PouChen (05.11.2015)K? n?ng l?p k? ho?ch làm vi?c hi?u qu? - MTex (16-11-2013)Pou Hung Trainer 2019 (03 & 10.08.2019)Nh?n th?c ?? thay ??i b?n thân tích c?c - bms (08-09-2012)T? duy ??i m?i - PouSung (31.10.2015 AM)??i ng? BM chuyên nghi?p - LG Vina - 14-08-2012T? duy ??i m?i - PouYuen (30.10.2015 PM)Nhà lănh ??o hành ??ng - PouYuen 24 & 25.06.2016K? n?ng l?p k? ho?ch làm vi?c hi?u qu? - MTex (16-11-2013)Ra quy?t ??nh và gi?i quy?t v?n ?? - Sunjin ??ng Nai- 15-08-2012K? n?ng h??ng d?n và c? v?n chuyên nghi?p - Gameloft (20 & 21 & 22.09.2018)Workshop: K? n?ng hu?n luy?n chuyên nghi?p - Pou Yuen (27.09.2018)K? n?ng giao ti?p & bán hàng chuyên nghi?p - ThuyLam (19 & 20.09.2015)K? n?ng qu?n lư ??i ng? kinh doanh hi?u qu? - sunjin (27-08-2012)

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